Dinner Review

“Discovering Baki’s Pizzeria”

- Review By Sandy McDade

When exploring the now brilliantly dressed backroads of Connecticut, it’s a joy to savor a delicious hot, home cooked gourmet meal. Baki’s Pizzeria, owned by 2 brothers Baki and Muhamed for 8 years, is tucked away in a little plaza. Both brothers have grown up in restaurants. The name “Pizzeria” is true but understated. Authentic Italian soups, salads, shrimp, chicken and veal entrees, along with delectable pizzas, grinders, and calzones are made with individual care. The wood fed stone oven enhances the taste of pizzas and grinders served on cake trays, piping hot.

Recovering from illness, I ordered the creamy tomato basil soup. The tangy thick stew served with oven hot, crusty bread and butter, is more than a tasty appetizer; it’s notoriously warming on a brisk autumn Saturday, (Buffalo was recovering from an early snow storm!) Setting aside half the tomato and basil soup, I ordered a hot antipasto of sausage, broccoli, mushrooms, with mozzarella and lemon juice. I deleted the pepperoni and jalapenos and added the lemon juice.

My hot antipasto was enormous, made with fresh ingredients simmered with a zesty lemon vegetable broth. Fortunately, I could dip the crusty hot bread into the broth, while broccoli, sausage, mushrooms was savored slowly. My hunger was pleasantly assuaged. Take home containers of half my soup and half my hot antipasto was a bonus.

This was accepted graciously by Lil the waitress.

As I watched the six booths that accommodated 4 to 5 diners and the 4 tables seating 4 filled and refilled with smiling families and friends feasting on traditional lasagna, stuffed eggplant, rollatini, tortellini aflredo, shrimp scampi, chicken Giovanni, veal sorrentino, first became clear that large, clear that large, gourmet salads, soups and entrees were continuously anticipated and delivered bubbling hot and mouth watering delicious. A stream of customers kept picking up orders of pizza and meals to take home from 5 pm through the evening. Diners of nearby tables extended the dependability of quality and service. Children are welcome here and can share their meals parents and grandparents eat at no charge.

An exceptional select wine list including imported Pinot Grigio, Ruffino II Docale, Benziger Chardonnay and domestic Windham Estates “Bin 555”” Shiraz, Arbor Mist Island Fruits Pinot Grigio. A delicious choice of wine by the glass is offered. Connecticut State Law allows diner tables to take home un-drunk portions of wine still in the bottle, and this is printed on the wine list so diners don’t feel pressured to drink more than is appropriate. A variety of beers are also enjoyed.

As a nearby table was filled for a third time by a family who brought their guests from Chicago, I was assured the meals were always suburb. One woman shared that she has her Christmas Eve dinner catered by Baki and Muhamed, and that a special chicken pesto dish is made for her and has become a tradition.

Bakis’ Pizzeria is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 3 pm to 9:30 pm, Thursday 11 am to 9:30 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am – 10 pm and Sunday 3 pm to 9 pm. Since I lived on Main Street in the North End of Boston, the noted Italian section of the city with famous restaurants and neighbors who taught me the best of Italian gourmet cooking, I am very selective. Baki’s is worth a special trip. Be prepared to wait a bit at dinner time but you will absolutely enjoy mouth watering meals.

Baki's Pizzeria
105 Waterbury Road
Phone 203-758-7311

Written by Sandy McDade
October 14, 2006